Magdalena Mikorska

Magdalena holds an prestigious MBA and Post graduates Studies in Brand Management from the Warsaw School of Economics.


She joined Gant Thornton Sp.z o.o. in 2005 where she was responsible for marketing and public relations. She was instrumental in running the Polish element of the Grant Thornton International Business Survey which over some 4 years led to numerous articles in the printed media as well as web based media and television.


She transferred to the successor firm of Grant Thornton Sp.z o.o. in 2009 where she continues to be responsible for marketing, PR and web based communication for the firm and also undertakes marketing related work for clients. Most recently she worked on a project run by the British Government in conjunction with BPCC promoting British food in Poland. She has also helped organise a number of trade fairs and promotional events. She has gained an in depth knowledge of the cultural specifics of the Polish market and helps foreign investors avoid the numerous culture related pitfalls.


She is currently working together with Agnieszka Szyfter on a marketing and PR audit product aimed at foreign SME’s operating in Poland.


Magdalena is totally committed to CrossFit and functional workouts by training several times a week.  



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