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17 March 2011



Mark Forkun - Gnosis Business Solutions          Workshop session


Workshop session                                           Mark Forkun - Gnosis Business Solutions


Andrzej Kinast - PKGT Audyt                            Andrzej Kinast - PKGT Audyt


Piotr Frelek - Getin Noble Bank                        Andrzej Blikle - A.Blikle


Andrzej Blikle - A.Blikle                                   Andrzej Blikle - A.Blikle


Andrzej Faliński - POHiD                                  Andrzej Faliński - POHiD 


Marcin Turski - Raben Group                            Janusz Selwa - Tesco Polska 


Bartłomiej Juszczyk - AdWeb                           Bartłomiej Juszczyk - AdWeb 


Piotr Kondraciuk - Agencja Rynku Rolnego        Piotr Kondraciuk - Agencja Rynku Rolnego  


Workshop session                                          Martin Oxley - BPCC

Andrzej Kinast - Blackstones Audit


About 10 February 2011 our Partner PRC Architekci is organizing Green Building TAG Seminar


We will focus on the current legal and building regulation requirements in Poland and comparison with the EU (and perhaps specifically with the UK). The presenters concentrate on the process, i.e. the certification of buildings, be it under the LEED (US version) or BREEAM (UK version). We will then present case studies of projects  both in Poland and the UK.


The target audience includes some 60 investors, developers, property investment funds, real estate agents and perhaps a few key major office tenants.


A short introduction and overview, followed by three speakers and perhaps a short question and answer session should take no longer than 90 minutes. As part of the seminar we will invite our guests for breakfast.




Trusted Adviser Group Launch 

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